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[] Osong Bio Technopolis
Osong Bio Technopolis
■ Overview


Establishment of the Korea’s first cluster of companies(industry), universities(academic circles), research institutes(research) and state-run agencies(government)

Project Company/
Project Manager

Korea Land & Housing Corporation / Korea Industrial Complex Corporation

Plot Size

Gangoe-myeon, Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
(7㎞ northeast of Jochiwon)/Approx. 4.632 mil ㎡


Farmland, hills

(annual average)

Temperature:12.1℃, Precipitation:800㎜, Rainy days:100 days,
Humidity:58%, Wind direction:southwesterly wind


Nov. 1994 : Establishment of 「Innovation Plan for Public-Health-related Medical and Scientific Technology 」
Feb. 1997 : Approval for designation and development of a national industrial complex
Apr. 2001 : Creation of relocation plans for government-run agencies such as Korea Food & Drug Administration
Oct. 2003 : Ground-breaking ceremony of Osong Complex
Nov. 2004 : Purchase of land for relocation of government-run agencies (40.3 billion won, 347 ㎡)
Apr. 2005 : Completion of design development of buildings for government-run agencies
June 2006~May 2007 : Sites for production facilities put on sale for three times
Jul. 2007 : Creation of construction drawings of government-run agencies
Jul. 2007 : Designation of a foreign investment zone (302 ㎡)
Nov. 2007 : Ground-breaking of six government-run agencies including Korea Food & Drug Administration
Sep. 2008 : Completion of land preparation and construction of the infrastructure such as roads and electricity
Oct. 15, 2008 : Ground-breaking ceremony of Osong Bio Technopolis

Construction Period

From September 23, 1997 to December 31, 2008
(Construction cost: KRW 396.6 billion)

Land Price

Industrial facilities area:KRW 150,000/㎡

Payment method

Paying 10% for downpayment before moving in, and paying the rest in equall installment every six months over two years

Move-in Procedures

application for move-in → deliberation and review → contract to move in → contract to purchase the industrial site



Application Documents

to apply for moving in the complex: application form, business proposal

Contact Numbers
for Further Information

Project Manager: Chungcheong Branch Office of Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
Address: Gagyeong-dong 1508-1, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju city, Chungcheongbuk-do (zip code 361-802)
Phone: (043) 237-4161/6, FAX: (043) 237-4165

Project Company: Korea Land & Housing Corporation
Address: 77-2 Sugok-dong, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju City, Chungcheongbuk-do (zip code 361-834)
Phone: 043)229-3500

The Bio Engineering Promotion team of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Address: 75, Yulgok-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul (Sixth Floor)
Phone: 02)2023-7656~58 FAX 02)2023-7661

Chungcheongbuk-do The High-tech Medical Complex Planning team
Address: Munhwa-dong 89, Sangdang-ro, Cheongju city, Chungcheongbuk-do (zip code 360-765)
Phone: 043)220-4021~23 FAX 043)220-4019

■ Area


Total area: 3,649,000㎡
Industrial facilities: 1,165,000㎡
Support facilities: 595,000㎡
Public facilities: 740,000㎡
Greens: 444,000㎡

Industrial Complex

Area up for sale: 1,760,000㎡

Land Sales

Sold area: 1,760,000㎡
Unsold area: 705,000㎡

■ Companies within the industrial complex

No. of companies

58 companies within the complex



Annual Production, Export

Production: 4,186 (KRW 100 million)
Export: 310 (USD 1 million)


No. of companies in operation 9
No. of employees 1,572

Nearby Areas

1,376 manufacturing companies, 40,989 workers in Cheongwon-gun

■ Conditions


Expressway:Gyeongbu Expressway Cheongwon interchange(15㎞)
Expressway:(130㎞ to Seoul, 298㎞ to Busan, 157㎞ to Daegu )
National Road: Road no.1 (Mokpo↔Cheongwon↔Shinuiju),
Road no. 36 (Boryeong↔Cheongwon↔Uljin)
Provincial Road:Road no. 508(Jochiwon ↔ Osong ↔ Cheongwon·
Ochang), Road no. 507 (Cheongwon·Buyong ↔ Cheongju·Jeongbong ↔ Osong)


Gyeongbu line, Osong station (1㎞) (137㎞ to Seoul, 330㎞ to Busan, 170㎞ to Daegu, 32㎞ to Daejeon)


Cheongju airport (17㎞) (15 flights to Jeju per day, two flights to Shanghai (Pudong International Airport) per day, one flight to Shenyang per day


Asan port (60㎞): loading capacity of 24.5 million tons,
berthing capacity of 21 ships


Source: Daecheong Dam regional water service system
for industrial use:65,000 tons per day
for households:24,000 tons per day

Waste Water Treatment System

Waste water treatment system within the industrial complex purifies the whole waste water produced.
capacity:72,000 tons a day


Supply channel:Cheongwon power plant → Cheongwon substation → substation within the idustrial complex → companies
Electricity supply:154㎸ (voltage), 275,000㎸A (capacity)


11,000 circuits supplied by Cheongwon Telephone Office
(4,390 circuits for worksites, 6,000 circuits for households, 610 circuits for support facilities)

(Web Sites)

The Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Family Affairs URL
Chungcheongbuk-do URL (
Cheongwon-gun URL (
Chungbuk e-Cluster URL (

Industrial Waste

A 26,728㎡ waste dump site within the industrial complex is capable of handling industrial waste of 180,000㎥ within a decade.

Energy Supply Facilities


Education and Labor Supply

Cheongwon-gun population: 134,000 (68,000 men, 65,000 women)
Educational institutes:2,882 students from nine junior high schools,
1,502 students from four high schools, 16,445 students from two colleges, 3,416 students from two universities
Training institutes:2,319 students from three vocational high
Support facilities for working moms:949 kids in 37 kindergartens

Distribution and Logistics

Logistics center: 74,600㎡ logistics center within the industrial
Cargo terminal: 660,000㎡ Jungbu cargo terminal in Buyong-
myeon, hyundo-myeon in Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
Distribution center:two regular markets

Major Support Organizations

Vocational education institute:Korea Poly-technic College Ⅳ
Support groups : KFDA, Korea Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention, Korea Health Industry Development Institute

Urban Living Environment

Healthcare:15 clinics, 1 public health center
Housing:apartments for 2,477 households
(housing supply rate:94.4%)
 - Market prices:(in the case of a 20 pyeong apartment)
KRW 20 million for a two-year lease, KRW 40 million for sale
Others:one golf club, one sports complex

Local Economy

Emerging as a new industrial zone based on abundant labor supply from Cheongju city and wide logistics network located near Changwon interchange on Gyeongbu expressway
(Economic independence of Cheongwon-gun:29.8%)

■ Qualifications


Pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, medical device, dietary supplement, R&D in BT, BT-related hith-tech industries


Any company that matches the qualifications stipulated in Article 6 of the Enforcement Decree on Industrial Cluster and Factory Establishment


Except for businesses that environment pollution, simple manufacturing and processing businesses

■ Benefits

Tax Credits

ㆍExemption of corporate tax and capital gains tax for research institutes that are expected to be relocated from the densely-populated metropolitan areas
ㆍExemption of regional taxes such as acquisition and registration taxes and property tax

Financial assistance

ㆍFund to foster small and mid-sized companies (fund for business startups and for enhancing competitiveness; Business management safety fund; and support fund for venture companies and small and mid-sized companies with advanced technologies)
[Contact : The Business Support team of the Chungbuk Provincial Government 043)220-3322~3]
ㆍMinistry of Health and Wlefare:: Support in the form of food promotion fund and financial assistance for R&D for projects to promote public-health-related medical technologies
ㆍKore Industrial Complex Corporation extends loans up to KRW two billion at a low interest rate 4.4%~5.0% with a grace period of eight years to companies within the industrial complex or companies related to local industy development proejct.
[Contact:Chungcheong Branch Office (043)237-4166]