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[] Industrial clusters currently on sale
Municipal district List of Industrial Complex

Gross area


Industrial category Time for sale
Cheongju TechnoPolis 3,796 electornic /electrical device manufactureres, new materials processing industry , bio engineering, precision machines manufactureres, new processing equipment manufacturers, materials & component inudstry, high-tech intelligent solutions on sale
Osong Biopolis 3,283 bio technology, ICT, high-technology, R&D on sale
K-biohealth Osong Medical Innovation Foundation 1,131 medical research institutions on sale
Chengju Ochang TechnoPolis 1,493 mechatronics engineering, bio technology, green technology, new technology 2nd half of 2021
S. Cheongju Hyundo Industrial Complex 1,051 bio convergence industry, electornic /electric parts manufacturers , power equipment manufacturers, publishing industry to be on sale
Chengju Hightech Valley Industrial Complex 1,049 bio technology, ICT, others to be on sale
W. Ochang Hightech Valley Industrial Complex 905 mechatronics engineering, bio technology, new technology to be on sale
HS Biz Tower 9 manufacturing industry, ICT, knowledge industry on sale
Jikji Smart Tower 62 manufacturing industry , ICT, knowledge industry on sale
Chengju T1 Tower 7 manufacturing industry , ICT, knowledge industry, venture startups on sale
Ochang Scientific Industrial Complex Management Corporation Cheongju Industrial Complex 8 knowledge industry, ICT, high-tech manufacturing industry on sale
Cheongju Techno S-Tower 9 ICT, bio technology, venture startups, R&D, publishing industry, design industry on sale
Chungju Megapolis 1,801 new materials processing industry , bio engineering, knowledge industry, green technology, (new) materials processing industry on sale
E.Chungju Industrial Complex 1,401 trailors manufacturers, food & beverage industry industry, precision machines manufactureres, electornic /electrical devices manufactureres, metal products processing industry on sale
Chungju Dreampark Industrial Complex 1,759 new materials processing industry , bio engineering, electronics, ICT, aviation -transportation industry, autoparts manufacturers to be on sale
Jecheon 2nd Industrial Complex 1,306 food & beverage industry, chemical industry, metal processing industry, automobile-trailors manufacturers on sale
echeon 3rd Industrial Complex 1,090 food & beverage industry, healthcare industry, new materials processing industry , nano convergence technology on sale
Boeun Industrial Complex 1,276 new materials processing industry , bio engineering, mechatronics, electorinics, ICT on sale
Okcheon Cheongsan Industrial Complex 353 food & beverage industry, rubber & plastic materials manufacturers, steel processing technology, electric equipment industry on sale
Okcheon Techno Valley 351 medical industry, biofood and processing industry, root industry on sale
Youngdong Industrial Complex 999 food & beverage industry, rubber & plastic materials manufacturers, steel processing industry, R&D, logistics industry on sale
Doan 2nd Agro-Industrial Complex 136 food & beverage industry, pulp & paper industry, publishing industry , steel processing industry, chemical industry to be on sale
Chojung Industrial Complex 680 electric parts manufacturing industry, ICT, special purpose road motor vehicle producers, bio engineering, precision medicine industry to be on sale
Chopyeong Eunam Industrial Complex 611 medical industry, electornic /electrical devices manufacturers, ICT, transportation industry, rubber & non-metalic products industry on sale
Jincheon TechnoPolis 774 medication & pharmaceutical industry, automobile-trailors manufacturers, machinery industry to be on sale
Goesan Daeje Industrial Complex 849 (non)-metalic products industry, food & beverage industry industry on sale
Goesan High-tech Industrial Complex 477 food & beverage industry industry, electric parts manufacturers, medical device manufacturers 1st half of 2020
Geumwang Techno Valley 1,504 steel processing industry (except machinery and furniture), electronics devices manufacturing industry, computers & visual device producers on sale
Seongbon Industrial Complex 2,003 electornic /electrical device manufacturers, machinery industry, food & beverage industry, medical industry, steel industry on sale
Maengdong Ingok Industrial Complex 1,715 new materials processing industry, bio engineering , new technology, electronics industry, ICT, mechatronics engineering on sale
Sangwoo Industrial Complex 540 electric parts manufacturers, computer & visual device producers, audio device manufacturers, chemical industry, medical industry, precision industry, optical industry, metal processing industry on sale
Eumseong Yongsan Industrial Complex 1,042 new materials processing industry, bio engineering , new technology, electronics industry, ICT, mechatronics engineering to be on sale
Danyang Industrial Complex 351 non-metalic mineral producers and 17 other industries on sale