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[] Boeun National Industrial Complex
Boeun National Industrial Complex
■ Overview
Objective To lay foundation for independent natinal defense and industrial development by advancing chemical engineering
Project Company/
Project Manager
Location 42㎞ southeast of Cheongju, Hwajeon-ri, Yeomdun-ri, and Beopju-ri in Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
Terrain Farmland, hills
(annual average)
Temperature:10.7℃, Precipitation:1,260㎜, Rainy days:105 days, Humidity:72%, Wind direction:northwesterly wind
Background Modified Boeun industrial complex development plan approved on April 11, 1998 (Chungcheongbuk-do annoucement no. 1998-41)
Construction Period From August 17, 1987 to the present
(construction cost: KRW 72.8 billion)
Sales Price Industrial facilities area: KRW 34,000/㎡
Payment Method Depending on occupants
No open deal
Availability No open deal
Land Sales Sold out
For further
Contact the Bureau of Social and Economic affairs of Boeun-gun county
Address: Yipyeong-ri 45, Boeun-eup, Boeun-gun,
Chungcheongbuk-do (zip code: 376-800)
Phone : 043)540-3243, FAX : 043)540-3219

■ Area
Area Total area :3,943,000㎡
Industrial facilities area:1,098,000㎡
Support facilities area:464,000㎡
Public facilities area:109,000㎡
Green zone:2,272,000㎡
Industrial complex Area up for sales: 1,562,000㎡
Sales Area already sold: 1,562,000㎡

■ Companies within the industrial complex
Company One company is in operation within the industrial complex.
Employment 630 workers (570 men, 62 women)
Annual Production /Export Production: 1,617(KRW 100 million)
Export: 3 (USD one million)
  total Petrochemical
no. of companies in operation 1 1
no. of employees 630 630
Nearby Areas 100 manufacturing companies, 1,903 workers in Boeun

■ Conditions

National road no.19(Namhae↔Boeun↔Wonju), National road no.25 (Jinhae↔Boeun↔Cheongju), National road no.37 (Geochang↔ Boeun↔Paju)
Expressway between Cheongwon and Sangju (Sokri mountain interchange, Boeun interchange, Hoein interchange)

Railroad Gyeongbu line: Okcheon station (50㎞), 200㎞ to Seoul
Airport Cheongju airport (70㎞)
Port Gunsan port(130㎞):berthing capacity of 20,000~50,000 tons,
loading capacity of 28,130,000 tons
Water Source:tapping groundwater for industrial and household use
7.2 tons of water per daily use
Waste water treatment system Waste water treatment facilities within the industrial complex
(360 tons per day)
Electricity Power distribution from Wonnam substation to companies within the industrial complex
Electricity supply:9,000KV (voltage), 4㎷A (supply capacity)
Communications 506 circuits supplied by Boeun Telephone Office
(web sites)
Chungcheongbuk-do URL ( )
Boeun-gun URL (
Chungbuk e-Clsuter URL (
Industrial Waste -
Energy Supply Facility -
Education and Labor Supply Boeun-gun population 37,300 ( 18,700 men, 18,6000 women)
Educational institutes:1,083 students from seven junior
high schools, 1,155 students from four high schools (including two vocational high schools)
Support facilities for working moms:382 kids in 17 kindergartens
(including two private kindergartens)
Major support organization Financial institute:National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Urban living environment Medicine : two hospitals, 27 clinics, one public health center,
six branch offices of public health center, 15 infirmaries
Housing:appartments for 1,281 households
(housing supply to demand ratio:151.2%)
 - market prices:a 25 pyeong appartment KRW 30 million for
two-year lease, KRW 60 million for sale
Others: one hotel, one art and culture center
Local Economy To facilitate local economic growth and secure income sources through development of the heavy chemical industry
(Boeun-gun county's economic independence:10.9%)

■ Qualifications
Businssses Manufacturers of compound, chemical products, assembled metal, explosives
Qualification Any company that meets the qualifications stipulated in Article 6 of the Enforcement Ordiance of the Act on Industrial Cluster and Factory Establishment
Limitation Business considered inadequate for the industrial complex

Tax Break N/A
Financial Assistance N/A