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Chungbuk Companies' Exports Surpass $2B For the 1st Time

According to Yonhap News,

(CHEONGJU=Yonhap News) Chungbuk-do companies earned more than USD 2 billion in exports last month, the highest monthly record to date.

On April 18, Cheongju customs revealed that Chungbuk-do companies exports amounted to USD 2.37 billion, while imports amounted to USD 584 million.

The province's trade surplus sat at around USD 1.453 billion, making up 21.4% of Korea's total trade surplus of USD 6.8 billion.

For Chungbuk companies, surpassing the USD 2 billion mark is a first, last month's record is 21.3% higher than the previous month (USD 357 million).

Semiconductor exports made up 48.7% of total exports at USD 993 million, and is 43.7% higher than the previous year, for the same month.

Chemical exports made up 13.2% (USD 229 million), electronics made up 12.8% (USD 261 million), precision equipment made up 5.9% (USD 121 million) and general machinery made up 3.9% (USD 79 million) of total exports.

Even for imports, semiconductors made up the biggest share at 13.3% (USD 78 million), followed by direct consumer goods 7.4% (USD 43 million), others 5.9% (USD 34 million), machinery 5.4% (USD 31 million) and dyes and pigments 2.2% (USD 13 million).

Chungbuk-do's major export destinations are Hong Kong, the European Union, Taiwan and Japan.

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** This article was translated from Korean.

Source: Yonhap News (Apr. 18, 2018)