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Chungbuk's May Trade Surplus at USD 1.31B, 20% of National Surplus

According to Yonhap News,

(CHEONGJU=Yonhap News) Chungbuk companies attributed to the USD 1.31 billion trade surplus in May, which made up 20% of the national USD 6.6 billion trade surplus.

According to Cheongju Customs on June 19, companies within the province achieved USD 1.898 billion in exports and imported USD 588 million worth of goods and services.

Exports increased 19.3% YoY.

Semiconductors made up USD 834 million or 43.9% of total exports.

Electrical and electronic products followed with 15.1% (USD 286 million), chemicals 14.1% (USD 269 million), precision equipment 6.4% (121 million) and machinery 3.9% (USD 74 million).

Imports increased 8.3% YoY.

Semiconductors made up the biggest share of imports at 11.5% (USD 68 million), followed by other resins at 6.7% (USD 39 million), consumer goods 6.3% (USD 37 million), machinery 4.5% (USD 26 million) and dyes and pigments 2.2% (USD 13 million).

Chungbuk's major trading partners include Hong Kong, China, the EU, the U.S., Taiwan and Japan.

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Source Text

** This article was translated from Korean.

Source: Yonhap News (June 19, 2018)