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Chungbuk to Build 11 New Industrial Complexes

According to Yonhap News,

(CHEONGJU=Yonhap News) Chungbuk-do will designate 10 million ㎡ of land as industrial complexes this year.

On July 7, the province announced it is in the process of designating 11 areas covering 9,241,000㎡ as industrial complexes.

Among them, 5 industrial complexes covering 5,231,000㎡ have undergone validation by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and are currently undergoing environmental impact assessments.

The 3 of the 5 industrial complexes include LH's Hyundo Industrial Complex, South Cheongju (1,041,000㎡), Chungbuk Development Corporation's Ingok Industrial Complex, Eumsung (1,964,000㎡) and Cheongju City and Chungbuk Development Corporation's Cheongju Northern Industrial Complex (1,400,000㎡).

The other 2 projects will be led by private corporations and include the Oksan Industrial Complex 2 (694,000㎡) and the Cheongju Sancheok Mountain Industrial Complex (132,000㎡).

The industrial complexes will be designated in October at the earliest.

In addition, 6 industrial complexes, including Cheongju Technopolis Industrial Complex, were examined by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for their ability to conduct business and location conditions.

Cheongju Technopolis Industrial Complex is undergoing evaluations to add another 1,950,000㎡ to the site.

Among the six areas, Jeung Pyeong Industrial Complex, Seongan 2nd Industrial Complex, Eumsung Oseon Industrial Complex 2, Eumsung Technopolis Industrial Complex and Yongsan Industrial Complex are new sites.

Last year, the province designated 5 areas covering 3,114,000㎡ as industrial complexes. So far, Chungbuk-do has 119 industrial complexes in total covering 74,948,000㎡.

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** This article was translated from Korean.

Source: Yonhap News (July 07, 2018)