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Cheongju and Chungju Medical Centers' facilities will be expanded with KRW 13.8 billion input

According to Yonhap News,

(JEUNGPYEONG=Yonhap News) The facilities and equipment of Cheongju Medical Center and Chungju Medical Center, providing medical services to local residents, will be expanded by next year.

Chungbuk-do announced on January 21 that it will finance KRW 13.8 billion to complete the extension of emergency department and intensive car unit of Cheongju Medical Center, the extension of rehabilitation and emergency units of Chungje Medical Center, and construction of Hospice ward by the end of next year.

The number of sickbeds in intensive care unit of Cheongju Medical center will increase from current 16 to 33.

As the total number of sickbeds in Cheongju Medical center is 652, the number of intensive care unit sickbeds shall be around 5% of the total, according to a relevant law.

At Chungje Medical Center, 40 sickbeds will be added for rehabilitation of cardio-cerebrovascular and broken bone disease patients.

The province planned to increase the number of sickbeds as most of them, 292 in total, became occupied with the operating ratio approaching 96.8%.

Chungbuk-do decided to install 10 hospice sickbeds at Chungju Medical Center, considering the absence of hospice medical center for terminal cancer patients in the central and northern province.

About 26 medical instruments, including ultrasound equipment, will be added to Cheongju Medical Center, while 13 instruments including Computed Tomography(CT) added to Chungju Medical Center.

A Chungbuk-do official said "we will do out best to ensure that Cheongju and Chungju Medical Centers faithfully play the role of Public District General Hospital with added facilities and quality medical staffing".

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** This article was translated from Korean.

Source: Yonhap News (January 21, 2019)