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Osong Bio Valley to Evolve into a Worldwide Bio Mecca
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According to Yonhap News,

Osong Bio Valley under construction in north Chungcheong Province (Chungbuk) is expected to emerge as Korea's largest bio research town.

The government designated a 1.13 million square meter-site near Osong Bio Technopolis as Osong Bio Valley that will conduct both research and clinical trials on the bio sector on August 10, 2009.

After the designation, Chungbuk embarked on Osong Bio Valley project by investing 228 billion won to build R&D facilities last October, including a development center for new medicine, support center for development of cutting-edge medical equipment, clinical trial center for new medicine and animal test center, scheduled for completion in next November.

In addition, Chungbuk attracted 10 universities, research centers and hospitals to the bio valley including Semyung University, Korea Forest Seed & Variety Center, Medical Group BESTIAN providing specialized burn care and the multinational company Covidien Korea.

An academic-industrial convergence center that specializes in nurturing bio technology human resources also decided to move to the bio valley last June, which is expected to elevate the status of Osong Bio Valley.

A 6,700 square meter-campus park and a 13,000 square meter-corporate research center will be located in the convergence center.

The department of pharmaceuticals science (150 students) of Chungbuk National University, the department of genetic engineering (120) of Cheongju University and the department of bio-medical science (120) of Chungbuk Provincial College will be relocated to the campus park, while bio technology-related venture companies and research centers to the corporate research center.

"If completed, Osong Bio Valley will be a center completely equipped with infrastructures that can conduct R&D and clinical trials for the bio industry. We will do everything we can to develop Osong into a worldwide bio city integrating bio research, education, administration and industry," said a Chungbuk official.

Source Text

Source: Yonhap News (Aug. 8, 2012)

** This is the translation of a Korean article.