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Jeungpyeong Signs Friendship Agreement with Kwitaihe

Jeungpyeong of North Chungcheong Province announced last Friday that it signed a friendship agreement with Kwitaihe, Heilongjieng Province.

Representatives of Jeungpyeong County including Governor Hong Sung-yeol visited China last week to attend the International China Harbin Fair for Trade and Economic Cooperation and strengthen cooperation with Kwitaihe city.

The group from Jeungpyeong and Kwitaihe exchanged their views on economy, education, health, culture, youth and more.

Kwitaihe showed a deep interest in Jeungpyeong’s ginseng and red ginseng processing technology.

The group from Jeungpyeong also visited industrial complexes, city hall, traditional markets, furniture manufacturers, coal chemical companies and handcraft businesses.

Korea and Jeungpyeong County were also introduced at interview with a broadcasting station of Kwitaihe.

Kwitaihe, one of the new industrial cities in East of Heilongjieng Province, has an area of 6,221 km2 and population of 920,000.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (June 21, 2013)

** This article was translated from the Korean.