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Chungbuk Develops 4 Strategies to Promote ICT Industry

(CHEONGJU = Newsis) The North Chungcheong Province (Chungbuk) announced on January 2 that it established four development strategies for the industrial convergence of the information and communication technology (ICT).

Agencies including Chungcheongbukdo Knowledge Industry Promotion Agency, Chungbuk Research Institute, Chungbuk Software Industry Association, CBIT and others carried out research to develop the suitable strategies for the province’s ICT industry.

Four strategies comprise 18 key tasks, including: promotion of SW & ICT technology-based industrial convergence (five projects), vitalization and convergence of ICT with the existing industries (five projects), establishment of open, shared, communicative-approach and cooperative task systems (four projects), and nurture of experts of ICT converged industry (four projects).

The projects include the establishment of Chungbuk ICT convergence technology center, vitalization of the wearable computer industry, cloud-based integrated database center, development of remote health screening system and establishment of remote domestic animal disease control system.

The province expects more than KRW 69.9 billion will be needed in order to carry out the 18 key projects.

The investment is forecast to generate the production of KRW 130.1 billion, added value of KRW 57.1 billion and employment opportunities of 1,539.

“Although Chungbuk has relatively low competitiveness in the ICT industry, we believe that the province will be able to transform the current manufacturing-oriented industrial base into the service-oriented industrial base by promoting the industrial convergence,” said an official of the provincial office.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Jan. 2, 2014)

** This article was translated from the Korean.