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Chungbuk to Ease and Abolish 121 Irrational Regulations

The Provincial Government held a meeting presided by Jeong Jung-sun, Vice Governor for Administrative Affairs, on May 26 and decide to do so after the central government’s policies came out.

Among 121 regulations, the province will improve 29 ones by itself while it will ask for the central government to revise or abolish 92 ones.

The province will revise Residents’ Voting Act and lower down the deposit rate for urban redevelopment, from 20 percent to 10 percent. It will lessen the burden of businesses.

Task-force team for improving regulations of the province will first review current agendas and then report them to the Ministry of Security and Public Administration. Regarding self-governing issues, the provincial office will discuss agendas with relevant departments. The planned improvement will be completed by October.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (May. 26, 2014)

** This article was translated from the Korean.