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Jincheon Completes Presale of Sansu Industrial Complex

(JINCHEON=NEWSIS) North Chungcheong Province announced May 11 that the presale of the Jincheon Sansu Industrial Complex has been completed.


Jincheon County invested KRW 221.2 billion in the establishment of the Sansu Industrial Complex in the county.

Among the total area, 927,597 ㎡ of land has been allocated for presale. Fifty-three companies have become the tenants of the complex, of which 10 are under operation and 18 are under construction.

The Sansu Industrial Complex, which is within 5 minute reach from the Jincheon Interchange, attracted sectors including food, chemicals, metal processing and automobile parts manufacturing.

The county expects the Sansu Industrial Complex and the Sincheok Industrial Complex, which have received investment of KRW 628.6 billion and KRW 400.1 billion, respectively, to bring KRW 2 trillion of effects to the regional economy.

"The two industrial complexes are to create 10,000 jobs, which will contribute to the development of the county by resolving the youth unemployment and increasing the sedentary population," said a county official.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (May 11, 2015)

** This article was translated from the Korean.