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Dalseong 2nd Industrial Complex FIZ
Dalseong 2nd Industrial Complex is the first foreign investment zone in Daegu where advanced industries will grow by forming an industrial belt with the Daegu National Industrial Complex.

■ Dalseong Foreign Investment Zone

  • Location: (Within the Dalseong Secondary Industrial Complex) Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun
  • Area: 104,188㎡ (31,516 pyeong)
  • Available land for supply: 11,286㎡ (3,414 pyeong)
  • Target business: electronics and telecommunications, advanced machinery, future cars, renewable energy, etc.
    ※ Total size of the complex: 2,715,348㎡ (821,393 pyeong)

■ Create an industrial belt focusing on the industries including, automobile and machinery and metals

  • About 75 percent of the 230 tenants are in the automobile and machinery and metals industries.
  • Create an industrial belt from Dalseong 1st and 2nd Industrial Complexes to Changwon.

■ Develop a knowledge-based R&D City

  • Plan to establish Technopolis (2,200,000 pyeong), a high-tech industrial complex, and a national industrial complex (2,580,000 pyeong)
  • Residential area (about 3,100 households)

■ Easy accessibility

  • An hour away from the Busan Port and Pusan Newport International Terminal. 30 minutes away from the central Daegu.
  • Pass the Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway and Korea National Route 5.

■ Location of Dalseong 2nd Industrial Complex FIZ

■ Land use of Dalseong 2nd Industrial Complex FIZ