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Hydrothermal Energy Cluster

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Construction of a Hydrothermal Energy Cluster

Gangwon-do is building a hydrothermal energy cluster encompassing a cloud business platform complex, a hydrothermal energy-based smart cutting-edge agricultural complex, and a complex specializing in hydrothermal energy-based water industry in the area around Jinae-ri, Dong-myeon, Chuncheon (785,000m2) by tapping into the cold water (hydrothermal energy) of Soyang Dam.
수열 산업 수열 산업

The Cold Water of Soyang Dam Used for Energy Production

Gangwon-do is building the Hydrothermal Energy Cluster around Dong-myeon, Chuncheon from 2020 to 2025 in order to attract eco-friendly data centers and IT businesses and build hydrothermal energy-based smart agricultural complexes by using the cold water (hydrothermal energy) generated from the freshwaters of Soyang-dam (Depth: 198 m) for heating and cooling purposes. Once the cluster is completed and related projects are launched, Gangwon-do will have more new high-quality jobs, see an increase in tax revenue and refine the regional industrial structure compatible with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Laying the Industrial Foundation with the Completion of the Preliminary Feasibility Study and the Designation as Leading Investment District

In February 2019, K-water (Korea Water Corporation) was selected as the preliminary partner of the Hydrothermal Energy Cluster, which was designated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance as a public corporation project qualified for a preliminary feasibility study in June 2019. Having successfully passed the preliminary feasibility study in July 2020, the project has taken off, and the construction of the hydrothermal energy supply system (outdoor pipe of 7.9km) and the designing of access road upgrade are progressing as scheduled. With the pending designation as a Leading Investment District by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in 2021, Gangwon-do expects to successfully attract the investment of IT businesses.

Expected benefits

수열 산업 수열 산업