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General Status

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Gangwon-do, South Korea Large view of images
East Coast-Republic of Korea: Designated as Free Economic Zone in the East Coast Region, Japan: Greater Economic Zone and Future Development Strategy, China: Changjitu Project, Russia: Far East Development Strategy 2025 Large view of images

General Information

  • Area: 16,874㎢ (17% of the total area in Korea)
  • Population: 1.56 million (Including 13,000 foreigners)
  • Administrative districts: 18 administrative districts(7 cities and 11 counties)
  • Features
    • Host city of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics
    • East Coast Free Economic Zone designation (2013)
    • 119.965 million annual visitors (2019)
    • Possess excellent human resources in 23 universities, 40 graduate schools
※ Source: Gangwon Statistical Information