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Hi-speed Transportation Network

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Structured High-Speed Transportation Network

Core infrastructure, such as expressways, railroads, and ports, perfectly connects the province with the metropolitan regions. Gangwon’s outstanding accessibility reaches major cities in Northeast Asia within two hours by plane.
  • Expansion and Extension of Expressways
    • Jungang Expressway, Yeongdong Expressway, Donghae Expressway
    • Dongseo Expressway (Seoul-Chuncheon-Yangyang)
    • 2nd Yeongdong Expressway (Gwangju, Gyeonggi-Wonju)
    • Donghae Expressway (Sokcho-Yangyang-Donghae-Samcheok)
  • Eco-friendly railway network in 1 hour from the capital area
    • [Seoul-Chuncheon] Gyeongchun Line Double Track Subway(ITX)
    • [Deokso-Wonju] Joongang Line Double Track Subway
    • [Wonju-Gangneung] Double Track Subway
    • [Wonju-Jecheon] Double Track Subway
    • [Pohang-Samcheok] Donghae Joongbu Line (to be completed by 2022)
    • [Yeoju-Wonju] Metropolitan Subway (to be completed by 2024)
    • [Chuncheon-Sokcho] Dongseo High-speed Rail (to be completed by 2027)
  • Hub Airport for logistics transport in Northeast Asia
    • Yangyang International Ariport
      • 4 International lines in operation (Russia 2, Vietnam 1, Japan 1)
      • 3 Domestic lines in operation (Gimhae, Jeju, Muan)
      • Planned flights to Taiwan, Cambodia, etc.
      • Visa-free entry airport for group tourists from Southeast Asia
    • Wonju Airport
      • 1 Domestic line in operation(Jeju)
  • Port focused on opening up Northern Sea Route
    • Sokcho Port: Port focused on international ferryㆍtourism
    • Donghae Port: Logistics Hub in Northeast Asia (DBS cruise)
    • Hosan Port: Base Port dedicated to energy (LNG)
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