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Cheoram Goteosil Industrial Complex
철암 고토실 산업단지 조성사업 이미지 크게보기

Project Overview

  • Location : Around 255-1, Cheoram-dong, Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do
  • Development Area : 215,035㎡
  • Project Budget : KRW 29.4 billion (Provincial budget 14.6 billion, Municipal budget 14.8 billion)
  • Facilities to be introduced : Infrastructure including roads and water treatment facilities
  • Organized by : Taebaek-si

Locational Condition

  • Location: Located in southeastern part of Taebaek-si. The Yeongdong Line is passing through, and Baeksan station is located within 1km, making it easy to transport goods through the Yeongdong Line and Taebaek Line. Cheoram Agricultural Complex and Dongjeon Industrial Complex are located within 10km
  • Accessibility (Transportation Infrastructure) : Maine access roads are No.38 national road and No.31 national road. Accessible through Dongtaebaek-ro.
  • Nearby Tourist Sites: Cheoram Coal Mine History Town, which displays old coal mine area is located within 1km, while Taebaek Palezoic Museum where fossil and other experiential education reflecting the natural environment of the Paleozoic Era is located within 10km.

Development Concept

  • Create an industrial complex based on the Gangwon 2019 Mineral Resources Industrialization Specialized Complex public contest
  • New growth engines take root by fostering mineral resources-related industries through the infrastructure creation for attracting companies related to utilizing Gangwon's abundant mineral resources

Land Status

  • National land: 11,850㎡/ Public land: 21,240㎡/ Private land: 181,945㎡
  • Area of land category: forest land(74,223㎡), Railroad site (4,366㎡), Road (3,067㎡), Miscellaneous land(9,744㎡), Cemetery (17,596㎡), Field (101,174㎡), Site (2,927㎡), Stream (1,938㎡)


  • Reduction for Abandoned Mine Area Promotion District : Property tax exemptions for 7 years on building and attached land in newly building or expanding a factory, and 50% reduction for the following 3 years
  • Support site purchase expense (limit set at 1 billion won): 50% of site purchase expense
  • Support facility investment expense (limit set at 2 billion won): 30% of construction and facility investment expense
  • Support logistics subsidy (up to 32 million won per year): 60% quarterly support
  • Other subsidy support including employment subsidy, rent subsidy

Expected Results

  • Revitalize local economy including job creation by attracting companies as a result of laying the foundation for industrial complex specialized in mineral resources
철암 고토실 산업단지 조성사업 이미지 크게보기
  • General Information about Taebaek-si
    • Area : 303.52㎢
    • Population : 42,586 (as of January 2021)
    • Characteristics : Tourism and resort city of high land centered on leisure sports
  • Investment Advantages
    • Easy to use abundant mineral resources in the province, including the Jangseong Coal Mine
    • Synergy effect between related projects as Gangwon Technopark is push for a ceramic materials industry support project utilizing pumice centered on the Raw Material Industry Support Center located in Dongjeom Industrial Complex
    • National support is available in accordance with Special Act on support for development of abandoned mine areas