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Cheorwon Plasma Industrial Complex Development
플라즈마 일반산업단지 조성 이미지 크게보기

Project Overview

  • Location : Sagok-ri, Geunnam-myeon, Cheorwon-gun
  • Development Area : 315,615㎡
  • Project Budget : KRW 65.2 billion(National 28.8 billion won, Local 36.4 billion won)
  • Facilities to be introduced : Complex creation, Access road, Industrial water supply installation, wastewater treatment plant installation, etc.
  • Organized by : Cheorwon-gun Economic Promotion Division

Locational condition

  • Location : About 15km from Cheorwon-gun office, 60 minutes from Seoul
  • Accessibility (Transportation infrastructure) : Excellent accessibility with Seoul and capital area thanks to Sejong-Pocheon Expressway connected with national road No.43, No.47. National road No.5 is connected with Jungang Expressway, making it wasy to move to Southcentral areas.
  • Nearby Tourist Sites : Possible to connect with various tourism resources including leisure, national security, and ecology.
    • Hantan River Leisure Tourism : Natural & leisure tourism resources are abundant centered on Hantan River; Jiktang waterfall, Goseokjeong, Sundam Valley, Taebong Bridge, Sambuyeon waterfall, Hantan River Spa Hotel, Hantan River rafting, Hantan River ice tracking
    • National Security Tourism : A leading national security tourism destination with various tourism resources related to the Korean War; The Second Tunnel, (previous)Woljeongni station, Cheorwon Peace Observatory, Seungni Observatory, Korean Workers' Party Headquarters, Seungilgyo Bridge, White Horse Hill memorial, Military experience training center
    • Ecology Tourism : Numerous tourism resources due to clean natural environment of DMZ for 60 years ; DMZ Eco-Peace Park, migratory bird watching tour, Cherwon Eco-tracking

Development Concept

  • Contribute to national industrial development and local development by building a cooperative system of the plasma industry, which is pushed for by Cheorwaon-gun in connection with the Triangle Techno Valley creation strategy of Gangwon-do.

Land Status

  • Total : 315,615㎡
    • Industrial Facilities : 208,452㎡ (10 types 33 demarcated lands / KRW 120,880 per ㎡)
    • Support Facilities : 16,491㎡
    • Public Facilities : 90,672㎡


  • Active promotion for sales in industrial complex lots and provision of incentives for tenant companies
    • Cheorwon-gun special incentive logistical cost up to KRW 300 million, Commute bus operation cost KRW 20 million support
    • National budget fund support for companies relocating to provinces(lower-level in balanced regional development in 2021/ Middle in 2022)

Expected Results

  • Lay the foundation for companies attraction for early industrialization of plasma technology
  • Build industrial complex to improve competitiveness of companies moving into the industrial complex, contribute to revitalizing local economy by supporting project budget from national treasury.
  • Attract demand companies in line with creation of support system for commercialization of global plasma carbon nano composite materials based on Cherowon Plasma Industrial complex, contributing to revitalization of industrial complex through inducement of company's investment and job creation.
  • 플라즈마 일반산업단지 조성
  • 플라즈마 일반산업단지 조성
  • General Information of City (si)ㆍCounty (gun)
    • Area : 889.43㎢
    • Population : 44,699(as of 2020)
    • Characteristics : 1,674,820 tourists per year
  • Investment Advantages
    • 60 minutes from Seoul : Improved accessibility with Sejong-Pocheon Expressway opening. National road No.43, No.47, No.37, and No.5
    • National support and Cheorwon-gun special incentives
      • special incentive logistical cost up to KRW 300 million, Commute bus operation cost KRW 20 million support
      • National budget fund support for companies relocating to provinces
    • Provision of affordable sites : Provide sites at lower price close to the capital area for only a tenth of the price of the capital area
    • Plasma Research Institute : R&D Support, Utilization of equipment at commercialization support center, patent & technology transfer