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FIS Congress to Be Held in Asia for the First Time

The 48th Congress of International Ski Federation (FIS) is to be held in High 1 Resort in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province, for the first time in Asia.

The FIS is a supreme decision-making body to decide rules, schedules and methods of international competitions with ski-related members of International Olympic Committee (IOC) and others attending.

About representatives of ski associations from 110 member countries participate in the congress held every two years.

Following the 1988 Olympics and 2002 World Cup, this is the first time that the largest sport-related event is held in local regions.

The congress has mostly been held in Europe and North America.

This year's congress is expected to attract 1,000 participants including members of IOC and ski-related organizations and journalists.  

They will establish all kinds of rules relating to ski, be briefed on developments of candidate cities to host international sport events and select host cities of World Ski Championships 2016 and 2017.

The agreement reached at the congress will decide the future direction of the world winter sports competitions over the next two years.

The congress holds significance in that Gangwon has become a host city to organize the FIS Congress for the first time in Asia.

High 1 Resort has won the landslide victory with 15 votes out of 16 at the FIS board of directors' meeting held in Finland in November, 2008.

The Swiss-based FIS is chaired by Gian Franco Kasper, who also serves as a commissioner of IOC, with 100 member countries.

High 1 Resort is well-known for its surrounding beautiful natural environment and various cultural events.

Source Text

 Source: Yonhap News (May 25, 2012)

 ** This is the translation of a Korean article.