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World Dinosaur Expo Closes After Attracting Record Number of Visitors
제목 없음 The 2012 World Dinosaur Expo closed after attracting a record number of visitors who were drawn by the diversity of relics, fossils and knowledge on display, organizers said Sunday.

The exposition's organizing committee said an estimated 1.78 million people visited the seaside Danghanpo fairground located in Goseong, 466 kilometers southeast of Seoul, after it was opened to the public on March 30.

The total is 80,000 more than numbers tallied for the second exposition held in 2009. Held every three years, the event attracted 1.54 spectators when the fair was first launched in 2006 to highlight the country's diverse and abundant dinosaur fossils.

It said of the all visitors, 42,000 came from abroad, a sign that the fair is starting to generate foreign interest.


This year's fair was held under the theme "Wakening the Dinosaur by the Rain Drops from the Sky" and made extensive use of natural rainwater and water resources conservation within the fairgrounds to emphasize the importance of the vital natural resource. Such a move can better protect the environment and cut unnecessary costs, organizers said.

In addition, the exposition won high marks from visitors for showcasing rare fossils from China and many life-size models of dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago. The exposition also had the country's largest 360-degree "circle screen" while regular performances by circus troops delighted spectators.

Originally, organizers had expected to attract around 1.42 million people because the 73-day-long exposition took place at the same time as the Yeosu Expo, the first Paris-based Bureau of International Exhibitions-approved event hosted by South Korea since the 1993 Daejeon Expo.

"The large turnout is a sign that the World Dinosaur Expo has become a worldwide festival where people can come and learn and see things that were taught in schools or seen on TV," an organizer said. He said school children in particular were fascinated by the displays with the fair expected to spark their imagination and fuel interest for learning.

Expo organizers, meanwhile, said they earned 8.8 billion won (US$ 7.5 million) in ticket sales with other related revenues reaching 11.45 billion won.

Indirect earnings for Goseong county are estimated to have reached 252.8 billion won from money spent by visitors, they said.


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Source: Yonhap News (June 10, 2012)