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Gangwon Secure KRW 5 Tn for Its 2014 Budget

According to Yonhap News,

(CHUNCHEON = Yonhap News) The Gangwon Province (Gangwon) secured a KRW 5 trillion budget for the first time in the history of the province, according to an announcement of the province on January 1.

The amount was increased by KRW 483.5 billion from the last year’s budget of KRW 4.569 trillion.

In particular, Gangwon’s key projects including the railway construction between Chuncheon and Sokcho, Yeoju and Wonju, and the construction of an entry bridge for Lego Land were reflected in the budget.

The government allocated a total of KRW 5 billion to the railway construction between Chuncheon and Sokcho, and the province is expected to begin the construction in 2015 after it conducts a planning investigation.

KRW 1.2 billion was allocated to the construction work of Yeoju-Wonju railway, while Lego Land showed a high level of economic feasibility and received KRW 3 billion for its entry bridge construction.

Budgets for other SOC projects including facility development for the Winter Olympics, construction of Dongseo and the 2nd Yeongdong expressways were significantly increased.

“The five trillion budgets mean a lot to our province. It is the first step of Gangwon to become the "center" in the future,” said a Gangwon official.

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Source Text

Source: Yonhap News (Jan. 1, 2014)

** This article was translated from the Korean.