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Gangwon’s Smartphone App Becomes Hit
(CHUNCHEON = Newsis) A smartphone application developed by Gangwon-do is now playing a vital role for the province in attracting tourists to the region.

TOaST (Tour & Story) is a smartphone application that offers high quality tourism information to visitors. The province developed the application and started its service last May.

With more than 140,000 people downloaded the application last month. TOaST quickly became one of the most successful tourism applications made by the public institutions.

The application offers information about leisure & sports, walking tour routes, recommended travel courses and provincial parks in an effort to vitalize the experience tourism and local economy.

The province also upgraded the application’s user-friendly functions and expanded contents of leisure and sports section, and developed a unit application for experts and social club members.

In particular, the province added a GPS-based sports function to the application, which offers the record keeping function to its users to maintain their sports activities and health.

The province also plans to add smart program that provide customized recommendations for travel courses to users by analyzing users’ characteristics and travel patterns.

“We plan to actively promote TOaST via SNS and websites to encourage more people to download and use the application. We also believe that the application will make a significant contribution to the region’s tourism industry.

The application can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (Feb. 11, 2014)

** This article was translated from the Korean.