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Chuncheon to Open Legoland Korea in March, 2017

(CHUNCHEON=NEWSIS) Jungdo Island, Chuncheon will be home to East Asia’s the first and the world’s 7th Legoland in March, 2017.

LL Development (CEO Lee Yoonha) decided to open Legoland in March, 2017 at a meeting with Legoland’s Managing Director John Jakobsen and general manager of development John Ussher along with other officials at Merlin Entertainment on July 2 in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province.


According to LL Development, staff at Merlin Entertainment including Legoland's general manager of development John Ussher, Forrec, a planning and design firm, and domestic design companies have joined together for two days from June 24-25 to have an in-depth discussion on the design and schedule of the theme park.

As a result, the construction of Legoland will be completed in the late 2016 as scheduled. However, the theme park will officially open to the public in spring, 2017 considering the trial period and the fact that it is completed in winter.

Legoland Korea is the first project in Korea’s tourism industry to receive foreign direct investment (FDI) of USD 100 million. The project was signed by Gangwon Province and Merlin Entertainment in last October.


The project, which went through some trouble with the City of Chuncheon, plans to begin the construction of infrastructure in the 2nd half of the year as the excavation investigation of cultural assets, designation of foreign investment zone and the secure of the government expenditure for building an entry bridge are underway.

“The support from Gangwon Province and the government has been very helpful for promoting the Legoland project. We hope Legoland will contribute to boosting the tourism industry of Gangwon and revitalizing the economy of Chuncheon by building a creative and safe theme park under the strong support from the new Mayor of Chuncheon,” said LL Development CEO Lee Yoonha.

Source Text

Source: Newsis (July. 04, 2014)

** This article was translated from the Korean.