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Governor's Message

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a land of opportunities and promises
Are you looking for an investment destination?
Where humans and nature harmonize
Clean and beautiful Gangwon-do!
Optimal business-friendly
Gangwon-do for leaders of the future!
Gangwon Province, which generates most dynamic change with enormous potential in Korea,
is marching along with the growth of Korea armed with the vision for the 21st century and energetic development plan.
Come to Gangwon-do Experience unlimited possibilities.
Buy Gangwon-do. The best choice for leaders of the 21st century
Friendly neighbor. Experience the best services and incentives from the people of Gangwon-do who will treat you like a lifelong resident.
The moment you buy Gangwon-do, which contains the best value of the 21st century, you are the owner of Gangwon-do.
Governor of Gangwon-doChoi Moon-soonChoi Moon-soon