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Current Status of Multimedia Industry in Chuncheon Area

Value Chain Structure of the Multimedia Content Industry
Value Chain Structure of the Multimedia Content Industry : Activities, Creation, Contents Developing, Packaging, Distribution, End User
Activities Creation Contents Developing Packaging Distribution End User
Business players(ex.)
  • Screen writers
  • Musicians
  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Copyright proprietors
  • Programmers
  • Editors
  • Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Database
  • Producers
  • Animators
  • Librarians
  • Consultants
  • Publishers
  • Multimedia companies
  • Producers Database providers
  • providers
  • Cable operators
  • Broadcasting agencies
  • Internet Service
  • Providers
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Business insiders
  • Consumers
  • Educators Industry specialists
  • specialists
※ Sources: Commission of the European Communities, INFO 2000, Brussels, 1995
Contents Creation
Space, cuttingedge production equipments, technology training agencies, professional planning and developping workforce, project investing capital, cooperative organizations, relative universities and institutions, developpers, etc.
Present Business Environment in Chuncheon Area
  • 35 companies in Multimedia software developing, database building, computer programming, IT software developing, internet online game developing and
  • 16 cell animation and digital animation productions
  • Multimedia Technology Suport Center was established in October 1999 and Venture Town Digital Specialty Image Studio in October 1999.
  • There are also SALT, an animation production and Dech, a game company and Game Industry Promotion Center.
  • Potato Co. was established to pursue venture capital business.
  • The Chuncheon city ordiance on nurturing Intellectual property industry ─ Multimedia software and film production─ went into effect in January 2000
Multimedia contents distribution, movie cable channels and TV channels, internet broadcasting, wholesale, newspaper and magazine titles
Present Business Environment in Chuncheon Area
  • Two TV broadcasting agencies (KBS, MBC), two cable TV broadcasters, Gangwon Daily, Gangwon People's Daily and other information distributors
  • Regional information intranet has been established since May 1999.
Consumption/Culture Tourism
Cultural centers, tourist leisure sites, largescale shopping malls, theme parks, museums, libraries, PCs
Present Business Environment in Chuncheon Area
Chuncheon international Animation Film Festival, Multimedia theme park, film studios, virtual reality (VR) center, Game plaza

Competitive Edges of the Multimedia Clusters

  • The competitive edges of the Multimedia clusters are determined by two major factors: Interior and Exterior
    • First, interior factors may be the environment factors inside the Media clusters in a specific area: e.g. original contents developers, creativity level, multimedia related organizations and state of theart technologies
    • Next, exterior factors stimulate market demands: e.g. business training, entertainment, education, advertisement, other medias and market demands for other multimedia related products and service
  • A best equipped Multimedia cluster may require a combination of major technologies constructing the industry and service basis and a strong market demand that supports these.