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Saemangeum National Industrial Complex

• Location: 466 Saemangeumbuk-ro, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do
• Area size: 1,850 ha
• Project period: 2008 to 2023
• Project Developer: Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRCC)
• Administrative Agency: Saemangeum Development and Investment Agency (SDIA)

Target Industries

Highlights of Saemangeum

1. Reasonable land price
Purchase: 151,249 KRW/㎡, USD 126/㎡
Lease: 1% of officially assessed land price
(USD 1/㎡ per annum) up to 100 years

2. Connectivity with adjacent industrial complexes
Location proximity to the 2nd Gunsan Industrial
Complex and other 12 industrial complexes

3. General bonded area and FTA network with 55 nations
Customs duties deferment and tariff reduction

4. A rich talent pool and industry-academia collaboration
10 universities, 10 professional high schools, 28
lifelong learning institutions, 11 R&D centers

5. Central government supports and business incentives
Eco-friendly automobile regulation free zone,
Corporate tax exemption for 5 years, Long-term
land lease support

* Source: Saemangeum National Industrial Complex

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