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Matters Concerning the Installation, Operation, and Rejection of Devices that Automatically Collect Personal Information

KOTRA’s Invest KOREA uses cookies for the smooth operation of its website. The cookies to be utilized are limited to basic settings or devices of users. Information contained in the cookies does not directly identify the user.

As this service respects your rights to personal information, you may choose not to allow cookies. Blocking some types of cookies, however, may affect the services we provide. Blocking some types of cookies, however, may affect the services we provide. Options can be set in your web browser to allow all cookies, check and confirm each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save any cookies.

If you refuse the installation of cookies, there may be difficulties in using website services that require log-on.

How to Set the Options
  • Internet Explorer : Tools menu at the top of the web browser ▷ Internet options ▷ Personal information ▷ Cookie blocking level settings
  • Chrome : Settings menu on the right side of the web browser ▷ Advanced settings display at the bottom of the screen ▷Content settings for personal information ▷Cookie blocking level settings

Cookies used on the website

You can check the list of all cookies used on the website below.
These cookies are essential for this website to work properly, and used for navigation, storing basic setting, allowing image load, counting the number of visitors, and finding out how people are using the website.

Cookies used on the website : Cookie, Name of cookie, Purpose of cookie
Cookie Name of cookie Purpose of cookie
Analytics UI Guide PCID, JSESSIONID, RC_RESOLUTION, RC_COLOR These cookies are used to collect data regarding how visitors use this website. We use the data that is helpful in improving our site and writing report. The cookies collect data including the number of visitors, the pages visitors landed and visited, without identifying a visitor personally.

Your Rights and Inquiry Information

In regard to the processing of your personal data (including your rights, additional information, complaints, etc.), please contact the data protection officer posted in the Privacy Policy.