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Asan, where Samsung Display invested KRW 13 trillion won!
Asan is a city located behind the administrative complex, and a city specialized for display-related companies. Following the expansion of Samsung Display's premium TV panel (QD-OLED) plant, various investments are being made,, such as such as the start of the East-West railway in the central region. Asan Tangjeong Techno General Industrial Complex, adjacent to Samsung Display City 1 and 2 Industrial Complex, along with Daedeok R&D Special Zone and Ochang Science Industrial Complex, will become the core axis of the triangle of the future high-tech industry belt in the central region..

Industrial complex overview

  • Location: All aroundEncompassing Galsan-ri, Yongdu-ri, Tangjeong-myeon, Asan-si
  • Area : 686,528㎡
  • Project cost: KRW 186.5 billion
  • Project period: 2013 to ~ 2022
  • Industrial complex development plan
산업단지 개발계획을 나타내는 표
Division Industrial complex area (㎡) Support complex area (㎡)
Industrial facilities 201,954 29,360
Support facility site/residential facility 2,468 142,043
Public facility 166,547 144,156
Total 370,969 315,559
※ Management Aagency/ Department in charge: Business Support Team, Business Economics Division, Asan City (+82-41-536-8792,

Location conditions

입지 조건 나타내는 표
Highway National and local roads Railroad Port
- Tangjeong IC (4 km/expected to open in 2022)
-Gyeongbu Expressway (Namcheonan IC)
- Pyeongtaek Jecheon Expressway (Dangjin IC)
- Seohaean Expressway (Seo Pyeongtaek IC)
- Cheonan-Nonsan Expressway (Namcheonan IC)
- Onyang Express Bus Terminal (4 km)
- National Road 43 in front of the industrial complex (Sejong-Cheonan-Pyeongtaek connection)
- Local road No. 624 (Yi Sun-sin-daero) Industrial Complex-Complex center connection
- KTX Cheonan-Asan Station (3.5 km) SRT, KTX line connection
- Subway Line 1 Baebang Station (1.5 km)<
-Tangjeong Station (2 km/planned for the end of December 2021)
-Started construction of the East-West Railway in the central region (2019)
- Pyeongtaek Dangjin Port (20 km)

Plan for attracting business

Asan Tangjeong Techno General Industrial Complex plans to attract eco-friendly companies equipped with cutting-edge technology including the fast growing OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) industry, as well as the non-metallic mineral products, electronic parts, computers, images, sound and communication equipment, medical, precision, optical equipment and watch manufacturing, automobiles, trailers, and other machinery and equipment industries.

Key Highlight

  • Industrial complex behind Samsung Display Asan factory
    -Invest KRW 13 trillion won in plant expansion for mass production of premium TV panels (QD-OLED)
  • Active business support of Asan City
    - Samsung Display and Asan City are organically connected to create an IT cluster and maximize the synergy effects in the display industry
  • The best transportation hub in the central region
    - Use Tangjeong IC & KTX Cheonan Asan Station (about 3.5 km) to pass through thepass east and west by SRT and KTX
  • Green Eco Industrial Complex
    - Developed based onby eco-friendly design utilizingusing the surrounding forest
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