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Location Report

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Gumi National Industrial Complex Emerging as an Innovative Cutting-edge Industrial Complex
As the nation’s biggest inland industrial complex, the five complexes of the Gumi National Industrial Complex is leading the growth of future industries including electronics, semiconductors, IT and new materials.In particular, Korea’s major semiconductor leaders and businesses in the secondary cell materials and equipment industries are investing in the Complex, triggered by the emergence of the stable supply of semiconductors as a major issue.

Having acquired Dupont’s SiC wafer business, SK Siltron plans to establish a SiC wafer manufacturing line in the Gumi 2 Plant by investing KRW 190 billion by 2024, in line with the company SK Siltron ambition of rising as the world’s second largest supplier of SiS wafers. As the first non-memory semiconductor manufacturer that started operating in the Gumi National Industrial Complex in 1969, KEC also plans to invest KRW 20 billion to upgrade its manufacturing facilities, thereby contributing to the stable supply of semiconductors.

The Gumi National Industrial Complex through constant investment is expected to serve a leading role as a major semiconductor base. The effort will also ensure Gumi’s growth as the center of the K-semiconductor industry and innovative cutting-edge industries.

About the Industrial Complex

  • Name: Gumi National Industrial Complex
  • Location: Around Gongdan-dong, Simi-dong, and Sandong-eup of Chilgok-gun, Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Area: 36,066,000 m2
  • Facilities
  • (Unit:: 1000㎡)
산업단지 단지규모를 나타내는 표
Total area Industrial facilities Multi-purpsoe facilities Residential facilities Supporting facilities Public facilities
36,066 20,734 101 12,327 2,593 10,311
※ Contact: Gyeongbuk Regional Division of the Human Resources Development Service of Korea

About the Location

  • Road
    - Expressway: Gumi IC and South Gumi IC of Gyeongbu Expressway (257 km from Seoul, 180 km from Busan, and 33 km from Daegu)
    -National highway: No. 5 (Masan ↔ Gumi ↔ Junggangjin), No. 25 (Jinhae ↔ Gumi ↔ Cheongju), No. 33 (Goseong ↔ Gumi)
    - Local highway: No. 33 (Gumi ↔ Pyeongchang), No. 68 (Seocheon ↔ Gumi ↔ Gyeongju)
  • Railway
    - Gumi Station, Gyeongbu Line (3.5 km), KTX Gimcheon Gumi Station (18 km, transfer to West Daegu Station or Daegu Station)
    - 227 km from Seoul (3 hr 10 min), 167 km from Busan (2 hrs.), 46.4 km from Daegu (30 min.)
  • Airport
    - Close to Daegu Airport (40 km)
  • Port
    - Busan Port (150 km) : Simultaneously accommodates 201 ships and has a cargo unloading capacity of 91 million tons/yr.
    - Pohang Port (old/new) (130 km) : Simultaneously accommodates 46 ships and has a cargo unloading capacity of 53.41 million tons/yr.

Key Highlight

  • Selection of the Gumi Industrial Complex as a smart complex (2019)
    - Carried out by the Gumi National Industrial Complex, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and the Human Resources Development Service of Korea
    - Total budget of KRW 446.1 billion invested from 2020 to 2023
    - A future-oriented industrial complex combining ICT will be established to make the nation’s materials and parts industries more competitive.
  • Selected in the project of upgrading the industrial complexes of the Gyeongbuk region (2020)
    - The program will be implemented by designating Gumi Complex as the hub linked to general complexes in Gimcheon, Chilgok and Seongju.
    -KRW 990 billion to be invested in 34 projects for three years from 2021 to 2023.
    - A ICT-combined materials and parts cluster tailored to Gyeongbuk will be established for the revitalization of the electronics industry and for the growth of the future car industry.
  • SK Siloton invests KRW 190 billion for the establishment of a semiconductor manufacturing facility
    - Sic wafer production facility
    -100 workers employed
    - MOU signed on November 16, 2021
  • Semiconductor supplier KEC invests KRW 20 billion for the upgrade of its semiconductor production line
    - MOU signed on November 15, 2021
  • Jahwa Electronics invests KRW 192.3 billion for the production of mobile camera parts
    - Production of optical image stabilizers
    - 604 workers employed
    - MOU singed on December 23, 2021
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