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Munmak Bangye General Industrial Complex – Center of Gangwon’s New Growth Industry Ecosystem
Located in Gangwon’s biggest city of Wonju, the Munmak Bangye General Industrial Complex is a small-sized industrial complex with some 30 businesses operating in an area of 423,000m2, but has advantages such as being located nearby the Seoul Metropolitan Area and being able to generate synergy by collaborating with businesses operating in nearby industrial complexes including the Munmak General Industrial Complex, the Donghwa General Industrial Complex, and the Wonju Auto Parts Industrial Complex. It is the only industrial complex in Gangwon that is located in a foreign investment zone (Munmak Foreign Investmen Zone) and is contributing to revitalizing the economy by attracting local businesses. As of 2020, the Complex is estimated to have produced about KRW 235.4 billion and exported about USD 4.64 million.

An Overview of the Industrial Complex

  • Name: Munmak Bangye General Industrial Complex
  • Location: Around Bangye-ri and Chwibyeong-ri, Munmak-eup, Wonju, Gangwon
  • Area
    (Unit : ㎡)
    산업단지 단지규모를 나타내는 표
    Total area Industrial facilities Residential facilities Supporting facilities Public facilities
    422,743 282,263 2,451 23,896 114,133

A general complex evolving in line with the changing times

A major remodeling program is being planned to link the Munmak Bangye General Industrial Complex, nearby Donghwa and Taejang, Ucheon (Hoengseong) and the Wonju Enterprise City and to build an ecosystem for new growth industries focused on e-mobility and medical healthcare. Moreover, medium-scale R&D projects and technology transfer projects will be supported to nurture e-mobility and bio and medical businesses. In addition, a consortium was established to build the Gangwon Wonju Industry-University Convergence District by 2025 to bring together industrial complexes and universities and build a field-oriented industry-university convergence education system.

New growth engine created through technology transfer

Currently in the Wonju area, industry-university mini clusters specializing in auto parts and medical devices are in operation, and the plan is to further expand the medical devices area to medical diagnostic devices and convergence medical devices. By supporting technology transfers and their commercialization, the mini clusters are leading the effort to domestically-develop imported products in line with the government’s emphasis on nurturing the nation’s materials, parts and equipment industries. Moreover, smart manufacturing R&D projects are implemented to support the sharing of manufacturing data between partnering businesses and the automation of manufacturing processes.

* Source: (Text & Photo) Korea Industrial Complex Corporation

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