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Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Cluster, the New Center of Korea’s Medical Industry
대구경북 첨단의료복합단지
Established by the government as a high-tech medical cluster for the strategic development of new drugs and advanced medical devices industries, the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Cluster or Medivalley offers a system for organic collaboration and networking and provides technical support needed to vitalize the advanced medical industry. Medivally is operated based on the Special Act On the Promotion of High-tech Medical Complexes.

An Overview of the Industrial Complex

  • Name: Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Cluster (Medivalley)
  • Location: In Daegu Innovation City located in Sinseo-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City Area
  • Area
    (Unit : ㎡)
    산업단지 단지규모를 나타내는 표
    Total area Facilities* Parks, green zone, etc.
    1,026,886 439,000 587,886
산업단지 단지규모를 나타내는 표
Category Facility name Site area (㎡) Functions
Government facilities Core areas New Drug Development Center 70,100 New drug candidate evaluation, optimization, and collaborative development
Medical Device Development Center Medical device product design, prototype manufacturing, performance assessment
Operation facilities Laboratory Animal Center Raising of laboratory animals, collection and preservation of stem cells and samples, device performance tests, operation facilities
Clinical Drug Manufacturing Center Clinical new drug manufacturing facilities, technological transfer support
Local government facilities Convenience facilities Communication Center 26,678 Conference room, AV room, accommodation facilities, etc.
Private facilities Residential areas for personnel at research institutions High-tech Clinical Trial Center 15,713 Preliminary, small-scale clinical tests for finished products
Private research institutions 326,509 Domestic and foreign research institutions, venture center

Future development plan involving the construction of cutting-edge infrastructure:

Medivalley’s supporting system will be strengthened to cover the entire processes from the development of cutting-edge drugs to obtaining the license of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety by building the High-tech Clinical Trial Center (to be completed in 2022) charged with the final clinical testing of new drug candidate substances and medical device prototypes and by building the Pharmaceutical Smart Factory (to be completed in 2024) ensuring most optimal quality management. Moreover, the Future Medical Technology Research Center (to be completed in 2024) providing animal testing facilities mostly testing on mini pigs will be established in addition to the existing Laboratory Animal Center mostly testing on mice. Moreover, the Medical Technology Test Training Center (to be completed in 2025) will provide training with a national testing center, advanced equipment and a training system based on human body simulation.

New drug development records:

Companies operating in Medivalley are contributing to the development of new drugs through technology transfer: Yuhan Corp. exported to Janssen technology worth KRW 1.4 trillion that is used in developing a drug for treating lung cancer, and Voronoi Inc. exported to Brickell Biotech, Inc. technology worth KRW 380 billion that is used for treating autoimmune diseases.

* Source: Daegu Gyeongbuk Advanced Medical Industry Promotion Foundation

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