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Namdong National Industrial Complex

The Namdong National Industrial Complex is the only urban national industrial complex in the country’s capital region with an airport, port, highway network, and urban rail network. It specializes in machinery, electronics, and petrochemical-related industries, and of the approximately 7,860 companies operating in the complex, 3,780 are in the machinery sector, accounting for 48%.

However, since it was established more than 30 years ago, the industrial complex that has outdated infrastructure, and the proportion of supporting facilities and green areas is very low compared to other industrial complexes, resulting in inefficient spaces for workers’ convenience. In addition, the complex is unpopular among young workers and local residents due to the high and growing proportion (96.2%) of small businesses with less than 50 employees.

The Incheon regional headquarters of the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation has introduced a pilot project* to build Namdong’s unique brand image and improve its reputation.

In collaboration with tenant companies, Incheon Metropolitan City and local organizations have set out to break down the boundaries between the city and the industrial complex and improve the image of the Namdong Industrial Complex by creating a unique local space where people want to visit, enjoy and work.

As the first step, the "I-Lighting Project"* was launched to transform the industrial complex into 'an industrial space glowing even at night' and renew the small and aging factory district into a youth-friendly cultural space.

Art murals were lit up and placed on the exterior walls of a furniture company, and the exterior walls of a sparkling water factory were decorated with lights to give it a sparkling effect. Through such efforts, the complex was reborn as a cultural and artistic space.

Moreover, programs benefiting the workers of the industrial complex were expanded to bridge the gap between the industrial complex and the local community and to offer cultural experiences to local residents.


  • Title: Namdong National Industrial Complex
  • Location: Namchon-dong, Nonhyeon-dong and Gojan-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City
  • Area
    (Unit: 1,000 ㎡)
    산업단지 단지규모를 나타내는 표
    Total area Industrial facilities Multi-purpose facilities Supporting facilities Public facilities Green area
    9,574 5,883 4 301 2,993 393
Following renovation of the aged bridge connecting the complex and the local community, a promotional video was produced to publicize the upgrade and posted on social media. Youth employment tours and night view tours were hosted, along with concerts for workers to enjoy after work. After the success of the pilot project, more projects were planned to improve the landscape in and around the industrial complex, add greener spaces, and improve employee benefits and the working environment. In addition, industrial complexes in 15 regions are expected to be upgraded in 2024 with a budget of KRW 3 billion approved by the central government.
* In line with the Comprehensive Innovation Plan for Industrial Complexes announced by the government in November 2022, the Incheon regional headquarters of Korea Industrial Complex Corporation applied for a pilot project in February 2023 and launched the pilot project after reaching consensus with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the City of Incheon (from February to June 2023).
** “I” stands for Incheon, industry, innovation and “I,” while the word “lighting” signifies the project’s mission of guiding companies to move forward, just like a lighthouse that shines the dark sea.

* Source: (Text/photo) Korea Industrial Complex Corporation

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