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Consulting Service Provided by Professionals outside ICC (June)
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Consulting Service Provided by Professionals outside ICC

Not only 20 Invest Korea employees and public officials dispatched from major government agencies but professionals outside Kotra are engaged in providing consulting services at the Invest Korea Investment Consulting Center (ICC) of Kotra.

The professionals are the members of private companies in accounting, law, headhunting, real estate and consulting sectors. They provide part-time consulting services for free according to the below schedule.

You can visit Outside Professional Desk at the ICC on the second floor of the IKP building, also accessible via an overhead bridge from the Kotra main building. You can fill out the attached consulting service application form or visit the desk in accordance with the schedule to get the consulting service.

Tel. Outside Professional Desk:3497-1974
Location: Outside Professional Desk at ICC on the second floor of IKP

Inquiry and Consulting Application

Tel: 02) 3497-1973(Kim Yeo-seul)

Attached File : 1. Consulting Application Form.
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