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Free Korean Language Courses for Foreigners
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Join the KOTRA Korean Language School

The KOTRA Korean Language School (KLS), free Korean language courses, has been offered since September 2007 under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. It is designed to help foreign investors and their family members learn the useful expressions for their daily lives in Korea. The KOTRA KLS offers courses ranging from basic reading and writing skills to practical expressions. In addition, a Business Korean class is also provided for foreign investors who can speak Korean fluently to encourage them to discuss diverse topics of Korean culture and business environment.

● Schedule for 2013
- 1st term : May 6 ~ Jun 20 (Registration: Apr 2 ~ 26)
- 2nd term : Oct 7 ~ Nov 21 (Registration: Sep 1 ~ 30)

● Registration Information
- Eligibility: E-7, A-1, D4, D-8, E-3, F-2, F-3 VISA holders.
* E-7 priores, for other Visa holders, please E-mail to check eligibility

● Classes available for the 1st semester

Class Venue Day Time Tuition
Beginners 1 IKP, Taipei Room (B1) Mon & Wed 7:00pm~8:30pm Free
Beginners 2 IKP, Chicago Room (9F) Tue & Thu
Daily Korean 1 IKP, Brussels Room (3F) Mon & Wed
Daily Korean 2 IKP, Vancouver Room (6F) Tue & Thu
Business Korean IKP, Vancouver Room (6F) Mon & Wed

● Class Size: Maximum of 15 Students per Class
● Venue: Invest Korea Plaza Building (IKP, next to KOTRA)

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