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Driver's License Exchange Service

To enhance the convenience of foreign investors living in Korea,
KOTRA’s ICC now exchanges foreign driver’s licenses for a Korean one after screening the required documents.

■ About the service

Holders of the D-8 visa and their accompanying family members (the spouse and unmarried children aged 18) can exchange their foreign driver’s license for a Korean one.
* The written exam is exempted for D-8 visa holders and their accompanying family members.

■ Documents to be submitted

▶ Please visit KOTRA’s ICC in person with the following documents:

D-8 visa holder Driver’s license issued in the applicant’s home country
* Expired license will not be accepted.

Certificate of Entry and Exit and passport (the driver’s license issuance date or renewal date should be stated)
* The Certificate of Entry and Exit can be issued at KOTRA’s ICC (Handling fee: KRW 2,000).
* In the case of a license issued by a third country, a document proving that the applicant resided in the issuing country for 90 days or longer should be submitted. For inquiries, please contact the ICC (☏02-3497-1056).

Alien Registration Card or Domicile Registration Card
* Short-term residents of less than 90 days are not permitted to exchange their driver’s license

Certificate from home country’s embassy or an apostille proving the authenticity of the applicant’s foreign driver’s license
- Certificates issued by an embassy are valid for one year from the date of issuance. In the case that the period of validity stated on the certificate is less than one year, the stated period shall be applied.
- The apostille shall be valid until the date designated by the Lottery.
* In the case of applicants from the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Uzbekistan, an apostille shall be submitted because the embassies of the countries do not issue a certification of authenticity for driver’s licenses.
* Embassy-issued certificates and apostilles should be in English or Korean.

Three color photos (3cm×4cm)
* Identification photo taken within the past six months

Physical exam report
- KOTRA’s ICC does not provide physical exams. Please visit a designated hospital for a physical exam and submit the report

License issuance fee: KRW 7,500
Accompanying family members
of D-8 visa holders
The above documents PLUS the D-8 visa holder’s Certificate of Alien Registration
* “Accompanying family members” refers to the spouse and unmarried children (aged 18) of D-8 visa holders.
* The Certificate of Alien Registration can be issued at KOTRA’s ICC (Handling fee: KRW 2,000).

* Applicants may be asked to submit additional documents.
* Please note that the screening criteria may differ depending on the agreement signed between Korea and the applicant’s home country.

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