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FDI Attraction Workshop Reinforces Related Skills and Strengthens Network

The 2014 Workshop on FDI Attraction in Korea was held Dec. 17 at LIG Ingenium in Suwon by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, Invest Korea and branches of local governments and free economic zones (FEZs) related to foreign direct investment (FDI).

The aim was to share about the government’s investment promotion policies and the main projects of local governments. Participants included 23 officials from KOTRA’s overseas offices, who also participated in a joint event called the 2014 Workshop on Foreign Direct Investment in Korea for Overseas KOTRA Trade Center Staff, 20 Invest Korea employees and about 45 officials from local governments and FEZs.

The workshop covered not only foreign investment outcomes and the related outlook, but also investment strategies having to do with the Korea-China FTA, which was concluded last year. Also, through one-on-one consultations between KOTRA’s overseas branches and local governments, much information about foreign investment promotion was exchanged. The workshop helped reinforce knowledge and skills related to FDI attraction and strengthen the network between KOTRA’s headquarters and overseas offices.

Source: Invest KOREA (2014.12.18)
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