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Foreign Investment Week 2015

Foreign Investment Week 2015

Invest KOREA, the investment promotion arm of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), will hold Foreign Investment Week 2015 to promote Korea’s investment environment and attract foreign direct investment.

The program includes investor relations sessions and business consulting meetings for global potential investors. The aim is to build a foundation for foreign investment promotion and job creation. We ask for your cooperation and support.


Title   Foreign Investment Week 2015
Date   October 13-15, 2015
Venue   Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas
Participants   1,000 participants total
- 650 foreign investors and members of the press,
- 350 guests from Korean companies, central and local governments and other related organizations
Host   Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
Organizer   Invest KOREA, KOTRA
Theme   To build a foundation for establishing a business hub of Northeast Asia
Description   - To promote cooperation with the Korean Free Economic Zone Planning Office to attract foreign investment in non-capital regions and free economic zones
  - To improve the quality of foreign investment-related projects to mark the 10th year of Foreign Investment Week.
  - Job Fair for Foreign-Invested Companies: Oct. 15-16; Training program for investment specialists at KOTRA’s overseas offices: Oct. 16
◎ Program

Introductory Events
(October 13)
Main Events
(October 14)
One-on-One Business Meetings & Site Tours
(October 15)
ㆍKorea Foreign Direct Investment Forum
ㆍRoundtable for Foreign Direct Investment in Korea
ㆍFEZ Night
ㆍOpening Ceremony
ㆍInvestment Declaration Ceremony
ㆍInvestment Promotion Forum
ㆍRoundtable for Investors
ㆍStartup Korea
ㆍIR Session on Purchase Policies of Large-Scale Companies
ㆍWelcome Reception
ㆍOne-on-One Business Meetings
ㆍSite Tours
ㆍInvestment Consulting Booth (Oct. 14-15)
ㆍIKP Booth (Oct. 14-15)
ㆍFEZ Booth (Oct. 14-15)
ㆍU-Turn Company Support Booth (Oct. 14-15)
Programs for the Foreign Press
(October 13-15)
ㆍForeign Investment Press Forum
ㆍParticipation in FIW Programs
ㆍSite Tours
ㆍVisits to Companies & Cultural Events
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