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KOTRA Holds ‘Get to Know KOREA 2016' : Kimchi Making and Sharing with Foreign Investors

Invest KOREA, the foreign investment promotion arm of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), held a cultural event ‘Get to Know KOREA 2016’ for foreign investors and foreign correspondents in Korea on November 26, 2016. Started in 2009, the event has helped members of foreign business community better understand Korea’s excellent living and investment environment through cultural experience programs.

In the event held in late autumn when Koreans make and share kimchi, preserved vegetables seasoned with spices and fermented seafood, main theme of the program was kimchi making. Around 50 participants, including Glenn Walker, CEO of Raytheon International Korea, Rob Figge, Executive of Boeing Korea, employees of foreign-invested companies, foreign reporters and their family members gathered together at the event. They visited the Kimchikan, or the Kimchi Museum, in Insa-dong, Seoul and had a chance to hear about history, nutritional value, and fun facts of the traditional side dish. After learning about the tradition of kimchi making and culture of sharing behind the practice, they experienced the culture firsthand by making the dish.

The experience program was followed by a volunteer activity to make and share kimchi with neighbors in need. Foreign investors and volunteers from KOTRA made kimchi together at the Jongno Social Welfare Center located in Changsin-dong, Seoul, to share the food with 120 households in Jongno District, Seoul. Donations from individuals and companies were delivered as well.

“As living environment is increasingly becoming vital in investment decision, we will continuously hold cultural events to promote Korea as an attractive investment destination,” Kim Yong-kook, head of Invest KOREA said. He added that “We will organize more corporate social responsibility activities jointly with foreign investors to publicize that they are a valuable part of our society.”

Source: Invest Korea (November 28, 2016)
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