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Korean Fashion Pop-up Store 'K-Festa' Opens in Tokyo

KOTRA opens K-fashion pop-up store at the Laforet mall in Harajuku, Tokyo
Korea's trendy yet affordable fashion and beauty products highly popular with young Japanese women

K-fashion is all the rage in Japan's center of fashion.

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) announced that it has set up the off-line pop-up store 'K-Festa' in Tokyo, set to open for one month starting October 7 at the Laforet Harajuku, the place to shop for Japan's young trendsetters.

A total of 34 Korean clothing and cosmetics brands are featured in the project, which will also make the products purchasable on-line through the country's biggest e-commerce site Rakuten starting October 15.

On opening day, young Japanese women swarmed the store to try out the latest Korean fashion and beauty trends, and participated in a gift giveaway for the first visitors.

Laforet Manager Ishido Kenta noted that "as demand for Korean fashion and beauty products is high for their trendy designs and affordable prices, [Laforet] plans on introducing more Korean brands based on the results of K-Festa."

Head of KOTRA's Japan Office Jo Eunho, meanwhile, said, "Korean fashion has entered Japan's center of fashion with an increasing number of stores opening in Harajuku," and emphasized that "[KOTRA] will continue to push forward with various Korean consumer goods marketing projects as a new Korean Wave emerges in Japan."

Source: Invest Korea (Oct. 10, 2017)

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