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KOTRA Hosts Foreign-Invested Firm Event in DMZ

45 people participated in the event, including officials of foreign-invested companies and foreign embassies in Korea
Participants toured the Dora Observatory and DMZ, and were introduced to Gyeonggi-do's investment environment

On June 16, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA; President and CEO Kwon Pyung-oh) hosted the 25th Get to Know Korea event, a promotion event for foreigners, at the DMZ. Get to Know Korea was first held in 2008, for officials of foreign-invested companies and foreign embassies in Korea to help increase their understanding of Korean culture.

A total of 45 people took part in the event, including employees of foreign-invested companies such as Solvay Korea and Fuji Xerox Korea, foreign reporters, diplomats and family members. The participants toured the Bridge of Freedom in Imjingak, the Dora Observatory where they were able to see North Korea and finally the 3rd Tunnel. The group also took the time to listen to a presentation on Gyeonggi-do's investment environment.

Head of Invest Korea Yong Kook Kim stated “This year marks the 10th year for Get to Know Korea, an event that has played a major role in helping foreign personnel residing in Korea, including those of foreign-invested companies, gain a better understanding of Korean culture and history”and added, “KOTRA plans to continue in its various efforts to promote Korea as a stable and attractive investment destination.

Source : Invest Korea (2018.06.17)

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