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KOTRA to effectively support Korean companies' investment in the United States

-KOTRA holds “Invest In U.S.” Introduce investment environments of major states and provide a venue for one-on-one partnering

KOTRA announced that it will hold “Invest In U.S.” at KOTRA headquarters in Seocho-gu, Seoul on April 19, jointly with the U.S. Embassy in Korea and the Association of American State Offices in Korea (ASOK). It will be participated by about 200 attendees from Korean companies interested in investing in the U.S., introducing △ the U.S. trade environments and success stories of companies entering the U.S. market △ investment environments by state △ things to consider by types of entry into the U.S. market (stock acquisition, JV, partnership agreement) There will also be a venue for one-on-one business partnering by state, in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy in Korea and 10 organizations of 9 states, providing tailored support.
* Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia

The U.S. is the largest foreign investment destination for Korea based on both the accumulated amount (USD 105.3 billion) and annual amount (USD 10.81 billion) as of 2018. The investment made by Korean companies since the Korea and U.S. signed on FTA in 2012 has continuously increased, recording the average annual growth rate of 15 percent, reaching USD 15.2 billion in 2017, the highest ever. The aggregate number of Korean companies entered the U.S. was 14,700 in 2018. * Source - FDI statistics by the Export-Import Bank of Korea

“Invest In U.S.” has been prepared to provide support and information to effectively enter the U.S, market. There will experts in various sectors such as business, law, and institutions, who will guide through the U.S. investment environment. The U.S. is one of the most attractive investment destinations as it is the largest market in the world, and leading the global technology innovation. As State governments, rather than the Federal government, is leading foreign investment promotion activities in the United States, “Invest in U.S” will be an opportunity gaining comprehensive insights into investment environments--varying state by state.

Shawn Chang, the Head of KOTRA Invest KOREA said, “The changes in the U.S consumers due to technology development in the fourth industrial revolution and the Millennial Generation offer new challenges and opportunities for Korean companies seeking to enter the U.S. market,” adding that “we will actively assist Korean companies in entering the U.S. market, the largest market in the world, through provision of timely information on the U.S. investment environment.”

Source: KOTRA (April 19, 2019)

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