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Getting To Know More of Korea

KOTRA held a promotional event at the city of Paju, inviting 40 foreign guests of foreign press, executives and staff members of foreign businesses and delegates from official residence in Korea.

KOTRA hosted a promotional event in the city of Paju, Gyeonggi Province on September 28th, with the title of "Get To Know Korea" which aims to help foreign dwellers learn more of life in Korea. The event marks 27th anniversary this year since the very start of the campaign in 2008.

This year, over 40 other guests : foreign press, IKEA Korea, HEREMES Korea and members of foreign businesses in Korea, and representatives from official residence all joined to celebrate the event.

These attendees joined a special session of 'hand-made porcelain class' experiencing traditionally made pottery wheel for baking and took a walk around Heyri Art Village, a remarkable moment to enjoy nature and artworks in Korea. They then visited Odusan Unification Observatory to take a look around the North and then had a time to wish for one, reunited Korea.

Chang sang hyun, the head of KOTRA Invest said "with its 12 year history, this 'Get To Know Korea'event has become one of the main events, designed to help foreign investors in Korea join and experience a variety of activities, making better understand of history and culture of Korea", adding that "KOTRA will keep working on to build up a communication channel where foreign investors and their family members living in Korea can get to know more of where they are, and help them develop positive image as a stable, attractive place to make investment."

Source : Invest KOREA (September 30th, 2019)

** This article was translated from Korean.

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