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K-Beauty, still hot in Kansai, Japan

KOTRA has joined the largest scale of beauty expo in Kasai, 'Beauty World Japan' held for three days in Osaka from Oct. 7, running a special zone to publicize K-beauty. This year, KOBITA KOREA(Korea Beauty Industry Trade Association)coattended to support the promotional event.

The trade fair this year invited 371 businesses in beauty industry worldwide from 10 different countries. Korea is reported to have the largest number of exhibitors(29 brands) for the show, including 16, which belong to Korea Pavillion and officially sponsored by KOTRA. Many of promising Korean suppliers are joining the marketing show for advertisement, displaying cosmetics, facial mask sheets, nail products and LED devices.

KOTRA reopened the Pavillion after 3 year suspension since 2016.
For the past 3 years before the resumption, emerging markets in the Middle east, Latin America and ASEAN community have become the new target for the market entry.

Despite lingering conflicts which erupted into a full diplomatic crisis between Japan and Korea, beauty products made in Korea are still top sellers in Japan, named to the host of world big events one after another: 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympics and WORLD EXPO 2025 in Osaka. That has become part of reason to reopen the zone in 4 years.

KOTRA Osaka made the full use of its network to contact local businesses, major supplier of drugstore chains and online mall such as Doshisha Corporation or Shinei prior to the show.
To meet the demand from exhibitors, they also held a seminar on Oct. 6 under the theme of how to reach out toward local buyers in Japan,giving detailed information on distribution system in beauty industry, tips for biz meeting and authorities' business approval that led to favorable response from visitors there.

Source : KOTRA (Oct. 8 2019)

** This article was translated from Korean.

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