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A three day big event: INVEST KOREA WEEK 2019 opened from Nov 5

Form global partnership in materials, machine parts and equipment markets
Open a series of forums, investment / job fairs with 315 foreign guests

The grand opening of INVEST KOREA WEEK 2019, a three day investment attraction event,began on Nov 5 at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, co-hosted by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) and Korea Trade Investment Agency (KOTRA: presedent and CEO of KOTRA, Pyung-Oh, Kwon).

INVEST KOREA WEEK 2019 (or IKW2019) is Korea's largest international investment promotion event, committed to letting investors all over the world learn more of Korea. IKW2019, which marks the 15th anniversary this year, primarily focuses on 'A key investment strategy to be successful in Korea' and 'Prospective investment opportunities' in particular.

Under the slogan of 'Connect Korea, Connect Global' this year, a series of forums titled 'Innovative growth' and 'Investment attraction in materials, machine parts and equipment industries', a round table talk, job fairs, investment consulting services and a few more subsequent programs will be taking place till the end of this annual event.

The highlight of the IKW2019 would be a special session through which a total of 2,500 invitees - 88 business leaders in material / machine parts industry, 315 foreign investors, 406 business and institutional executives, 175 municipality workers, 20 from foreign and local press, 190 HR workers of foreign invested companies and 1,500 job seekers - can meet with each other.

To celebrate the event, Jin Taek Chung, the president of Korea University, appeared on stage, giving a welcome speech in the opening ceremony. Mr. Chung underlined the rising demand for the government's industry- affiliated university finance sponsorship programs to secure capable human resources in the coming years, saying "Korea has enough potential to become the next investment hot spot with a pool of highly skilled workers to be fully mobilized in the upcoming 4th industrialization."

A presentation session covering three main topics, which have been picked as emerging business markets - future vehicles, system semiconductors and biohealth - in the world's four major manufacturing powerhouse strategy released last August, came right next to the opening ceremony.

Representatives from Hyundai Motor Group, Nextchip and Celltrion showed up as speakers to give presentations on the ways to be globally cooperative, the vision and the investment environment in Korea.

A group of delegates working for foreign invested companies in Korea also shared their accomplishments and experience to help potential investors interested in finding business opportunities in Seoul.

California based Lam Research Corporation America, a semiconductor producer, highlighted the evolutionary change in Korean semiconductor business especially in the era of the 4th industrial revolution. A multinational materials technology company headquartered in Brussels, Umicore, shared what they've contributed to the economy in Korea since they have decided to provide funds here. The president of Toray Industries, Inc. Japan, specializing in advanced composite materials, explained what made them to build up a new R&D center in Korea and business partnership between Korea and Japan.

Over 500 cases of business consulting seems be made through the matching platform, connecting potential investors with entrepreneurs during the IKW2019 (117 for materials / machine parts / equipment, 173 for chemical materials / automotive / electronics, 181 for logistics / financial service, 100 for ICT / healthcare, 131 for venture startups).

20 correspondents and journalists who visited IKW2019 for news coverage joined the press conference with representatives from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Science and ICT and Ministry of Unification. The authorities shared investment policies in Korea, national plans to be ready for the 4th industrialization and ways for economic cooperation between the two Koreas.

The president and CEO of KOTRA, Pyung-Oh,Kwon, revealed an ambitious plan adding that "Even at a time of global economic stagnation, I believe that Korea, recognized as an innovative model, has sufficient capability to become one of the most attractive places for future investment. KOTRA pledges to make a full commitment to more business opportunities in the spirit of 'Connect Korea,Connect Global."

Source : Invest KOREA (2019.11.05)

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