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KOTRA hosted '2021 Market Entry Strategy Week’ on Jan 13

2021 권역별 진출전략 주간행사

““Can catch a glimpse of the latest global business trends and outlook”
-KOTRA hosted ‘2021 Market Entry Strategy Week’ from Jan 13

Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA: CEO and President, Kwon Pyung-Oh) hosted a three day marketing event, ‘2021 Market Entry Strategy Week’ starting from Jan 13.

Based upon data sourced from KOTRA’s 127 overseas offices across 84 countries, the agency has published an annual business report which shares market entry strategies up to date by each country or trade bloc.

This year, however, KOTRA changed the format, offering both paperback and digital edition publishing due to the worldwide coronavirus shock which has forced businesses across the world to halt in-person transactions.

To catch up with the fast-changing, underlying consumption trends where non-face-to-face platforms are increasingly prevalent in the midst of COVID-19, KOTRA recently created a ten minute long video content which covers brief outline of a hard copy of the report, roughly an 80 page printed document per each. The digital content which includes the business trends and outlook, main issues and market entry strategies is assesses to help SMEs catch a glimpse of the latest industry information.

Starting from Jan 13, a three day online event where visitors were able to take a quick look at the global business trends and issues took place via YouTube channel.

An official said “The travel restrictions triggered by the pandemic are piling pressure on businesses nationwide. By offering digital content, we’ll help entrepreneurs gain ubiquitous access to a wealth of useful business information.”

Source: KOTRA(2021.01.13)

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