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KOTRA to help market entry to fast-growing China’s hydrogen car market

KOTRA held a Global Partnering (GP) with China’s hydrogen car industry for two weeks from June 7.
42 global companies involved in the China’s hydrogen market participated – seeking cooperation with Korean companies

KOTRA (CEO and President Yu Jeoung-yeol) held a Global Partnering (GP*) with China’s hydrogen car industry event in connection with 2021 FCVC (International Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel Cell Congress) held in Shanghai, China.

* *GP (Global Partnering) project: aims to support Korea’s small and medium sized firms build cooperative relationships with global firms, helping them enter the global value chain (GVC).

FCVC is an annual hydrogen industry exhibition held in Shanghai, China since 2016. This year’s event is participated by 150 companies including Toyota and Horizon Fuel Cell (China’s hydrogen energy company).

KOTRA set up a Korea promotion pavilion in ‘FCVC 2021’ which will run for three days from June 8, to support Korea’s small and medium sized companies enter China’s hydrogen car market, and promote hydrogen-related technologies of 10 Korean companies.

In addition, an online business meeting in connection with FCVC is to be held for two weeks from June 7, in China’s four major cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing). China’s 42 global companies including Huawei, Michelin China will participate in the consultation, seeking opportunities to work with Korean companies.

Hong Chang-pyo, head of KOTRA’s overseas office in China said, “China has been stepping up its efforts to develop and distribute future cars with a goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060,” adding “we expect this event serves as a chance to enhance cooperation between the hydrogen car companies in the two countries.”

Source : KOTRA (2021.06.11)

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