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KOTRA · KCCI to provide opportunities for Korean companies to expand into US market

한-미 경제협력 웨비나

-KOTRA· KCCI hold 'Korea-US Economic Cooperation Webinar' on Sep 9-
- KOTRA hold business meetings in video conference on Sep 9-17, focusing on promising sectors including ICT, consumer goods

KOTRA (President & CEO Yu Jeoung-yeol) will hold the ‘Korea-US Digital Economic Cooperation Partnership’ online from September 9-17. It has been designed for Korean small and medium-sized enterprises to explore business opportunities in the United States and to reinvigorate networks between the two countries.

It is to be held non-face-to-face due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, consists of the ‘Korea-US Economic Cooperation Webinar’ co-hosted by KOTRA and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Chairman Chey Tae-won) and online business meetings hosted solely by KOTRA.

At the webinar held today, Acting Ambassador of the United States to Korea Christopher Del Corso and Vice President Ken Monahan of the National Association of Manufacturers delivered congratulatory speeches. In addition, officials from the state governments of Ohio, Georgia, and Texas explained business environment of each state, exploring opportunities for business cooperation.

KOTRA's North American Office announced plans for Korean SMEs to expand into the United States, focusing on co-expansion of large, middle, and small enterprises and win-win cooperation. Lastly, there was an opportunity to listen to the opinions of experts on the current status of the Korea-US FTA and measures for industrial cooperation between the two countries.

In addition to the webinar, the online business meetings scheduled for September 9-17 will be attended by 75 Korean companies from the consumer goods sector- which is in high demand due to the economic recovery- as well as medical, bio, ICT, and automobile sectors, and 100 promising US buyers.

Executive Vice President Kim Tae-ho of KOTRA's Economic Cooperation & Trade Affairs, said, "We expect to expanding trade and investment between the two countries within the broader framework of Korea-US economic cooperation," adding "we will continue to provide opportunities to identify business opportunities and share information to revitalize economic cooperation."

Source: KOTRA (September 9, 2021)

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