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Korean companies are 'right' as partners for floating offshore wind power

오션윈즈(Ocean Winds) 해상풍력 글로벌 파트너십
‘Ocean Winds Offshore wind power global partnership’

‘Ocean Winds Offshore wind power global partnership’ from September 29
Seek cooperation in floating offshore wind power fields including turbines, submarine cables, and power system, etc.

KOTRA (President & CEO Yu Jeoung-yeol) will hold ‘Ocean Winds Offshore Wind Power Global Partnership’ project from September 29 to October 1.

Ocean Winds, a company specialized in offshore wind power, plans to push for the floating offshore wind power project in earnest in Korea. This event was designed to establish a foundation for Korean companies to secure performance and experience in connection with Ocean Wind’s domestic projects, and to maximize the localization rate of major facilities and equipment for floating offshore wind power.

Ocean Winds is specialized in offshore wind power generation, a joint venture between EDPR, the world’s fourth largest wind power company from Portugal, and ENGIE, a French multinational energy company. The company plans to develop 4GW project globally. It is actively pursuing entry to Korea’s wind power development market through equity investment, and others, and hopes to cooperate with Korean companies.

In particular, Ocean Winds is interested in cooperating with Korean companies in the floating offshore wind power, including turbines, anchors, and mooring lines, and offshore substations for Ulsan power generation complex project, scheduled for construction commencement in 2025. Korea is an offshore plant power house with advanced hinterland ports and shipbuilding industries, which are essential for offshore power plant generation, and already equipped with technological competitiveness required for offshore wind power, such as establishment of offshore platform, and installation of submarine cables.

Guzman Figar, in charge of project development in the Asia Pacific region of Ocean Winds, will be participating at the online briefing, scheduled for September 29, and introduce the current status of offshore wind power project. In addition, Kwon Tae-mi, a purchasing team leader of Korea Floating Winds, which owns the Ulsan Project business right, will announce the purchase policy for floating offshore wind power equipment.

Kim Sang-mook, Executive Vice President for KOTRA’s Innovative Growth said, “The strength of Korean companies in offshore plant and power system technologies will play a great role in offshore wind power projects home and abroad,” adding “we hope this event will be an opportunity for Korean companies to learn know-how, enter global supply chains, and expand into projects in third countries through cooperation with European companies who are ahead of the pack in floating power generations.”.

Source: KOTRA (September 29, 2021)

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