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Change in Investment Consulting Center Operations Due to Building Repair Work
As the IKP building is currently shut down due to repair work for last week’s rain-induced flooding, the Investment Consulting Center is currently unable to provide some of its services. Please refer to the below.


Business Investment (D-8) visa change/extension services are suspended.

lease apply to the immigration office with jurisdiction over your address (place of sojourn) or place of business.
You can call 1345 to find your jurisdictional immigration office and inquire other matters.

※ Look up the immigration office with jurisdiction through the link :
→language from Korean to English → information lookup → office directory

Exchange of foreign driver’s license to a Korean one

To exchange your foreign driver’s license to a Korean one, please visit and apply at the Gangnam Driver’s License Examination office.

ㆍ Address: Gangnam Driver’s License Examination office, 23 Teheran-ro 114-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
ㆍ Phone: 02-2193-7600~1
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