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KOTRA to facilitate the entry of Korean consumer goods companies to the Chinese market in collaboration with China's largest SNS platform

To Collaborate with Douyin, a Chinese Equivalent of TikTok, Viewed by 800 mn Daily Active Users
To Hold Briefing session and Consultation Session....Purchase, Entry, Digital Marketing, Certification All at Once

KOTRA (President Yu Jeoung-yeol) will hold a "K-Brand Sourcing Day" with Douyin EC Global (hereinafter referred to as Douyin) at its headquarters on August 29.

Douyin is a global short clip platform, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok. Douyin platform, which has more than 800 million daily active users, is differentiated from TikTok in that it even advertises and sells products through influencer's live commerce.

Douyin plans to sell Korean products again in earnest after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic when opportunities to source Korean products were limited. In particular, this event has been planned to source more Korean consumer goods sold well on China's Douyin platform, such as △ beauty products △ food △ health foods, and △ infant products.

In collaboration with KOTRA, Douyin has contacted more than 60 Korean consumer goods companies interested in entering China since early August. For them, major purchase and store managers and vendor companies will explain how to enter the market using Douyin platform, including △ store policy △ purchase conditions △ digital marketing strategy and △ success stories on August 29.

In the afternoon, it is planned to hold a 1:1 store consultation meeting with 18 domestic companies selected by the Douyin person in charge of the store. To this end, 20 people visited Korea, including those who are in charge of purchasing and store from Douyin and major vendor companies. According to a representative for Douyin, "Douin E-Commerce Global was established only two and a half years ago, but it has grown so rapidly, with platform transactions reaching 1.5 trillion yuan (KRW 275 trillion) in 2022," adding "we have a lot of expectation for this consultation meeting as sales of Korean products, driven by beauty and cosmetic products, is on the rise."

Hong Chang-pyo, head of KOTRA's China Regional Headquarters, said, "Using overseas direct purchase platforms can alleviate the certification problem, which is a major challenge for Korean companies. Indeed, Korean companies can speedily enter the Chinese consumer market by using fast-growing platforms," adding that "we hope that the E-commerce platform of Douyin, China's largest SNS platform, could become a channel for Korean consumer goods companies to enter the Chinese market."

Source: Invest KOREA (August 29, 2023)

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